Jewellery Remaking

Vangeli specialize in remaking old jewellery into stunning new pieces. Jewellery that is sentimental or outdated can be created into something beautiful for you to enjoy in the years to come.

Our Jewellery Remaking Process

  1. Make an appointment with our designer or master jeweller.
  2. Bring in all your old pieces of jewellery that you no longer wear.
  3. You will be given an obligation free quote to either restore your old jewellery to its original look or make something new to your desired taste.
  4. There is no obligation and no charge to see what can be made with your old jewellery.

The remake process will vary from 3 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of design and the time of year.

Call for an appointment today and be amazed how Vangeli can recreate your old jewellery into a stunning new piece that will last a lifetime.

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Jewellery Repairs

Our Jewellery Repair Services

  • Ring sizing
  • Chain repairs
  • Claw replacement
  • Ring band replacement
  • Ring setting replacement
  • Stone resetting
  • Polishing
  • Rhodium plating
  • Valuations
Jewellery Repairs

Custom Jewellery Design

Our Jewellery Design Process

Vangeli provides a unique experience for customers wanting to design their own unique piece of jewellery. As an authority in the jewellery manufacturing industry, rest assured we will answer all of your questions. Our worldwide network of diamond and gem merchants allows us to provide our clients with a world class level of service.



Vangeli provides obligation-free consultations to discuss your custom piece of jewellery. During the consultation, you will have direct contact with our highly qualified designers and master jewellers. We will discuss in-depth all aspects of creating your jewellery from design and materials to finished product. Diamonds and/or coloured gemstones will also be discussed in detail so you will have a total understanding, overall enabling you to make an informed decision.



Once you have selected your diamond or gemstone, our highly skilled master jewellers will begin your creation. You can be assured that your jewellery will be created from the finest materials in platinum, white or yellow gold.


Quality Control

Each piece of Vangeli jewellery is checked by our master jewellers and setters. We quality control all of our designs. Our meticulous craftsmanship ensures delivery of the highest standard.

Lifetime Maintenance

All Vangeli Jewellery comes with a lifetime maintenance.
We offer an extensive complimentary after sales service.

At Vangeli, we want our customers to always feel happy with their jewellery. To ensure absolute satisfaction, we offer a lifetime service of cleaning and inspecting your Vangeli piece.

We recommend that you have your jewellery professionally checked and cleaned every six months.

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