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Vangeli Manufacturing is a family owned and operated business and are second to none in Canberra, Australia. Vangeli was established in 1978 by master jeweller Jeff Chapman, who has been involved in the industry since he was twelve years old. Jeff trained in Europe under the guidance of world class master jewellers. He was later joined by his wife Catherine who has studied jewellery making, gemology, design and diamond grading. Their son Evan is a second generation jeweller. Their team comprises of diamond graders, award winning designers, jewellers, master jewellers and setters.

During their time in business, Jeff passed on his skills and knowledge of fine jewellery, training over 36 apprentices. Many of them now own and operate their own businesses, a legacy that is no idle boast. Vangeli are well known for their community spirit having sponsored many sporting groups, charities and organisations throughout the years.

Vangeli have also owned and operated black opal mines in Lightning Ridge, making them experts on opals. They can supply quality diamonds of any size (including pink cognac and champagne) as well as South Sea pearls from Broome, plus an extensive range of gemstones. All gemstones and diamonds are hand-selected by our discerning specialists, giving you quality assurance and an exceptional experience. Vangeli specialise in hand-made jewellery in white and yellow gold, as well as platinum. Their products are handmade to the highest standard of materials, design and manufacturing.

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Vangeli Diamonds

All Vangeli’s diamonds are hand selected by our diamond grader. Our world-wide network of diamond merchants are highly respected in their field and only supply quality diamonds.

All diamonds are not the same. Just because a diamond is the same colour, clarity and size as another, visually they can look very different. When you are buying a diamond it is an important decision. You should be well informed about your purchase.

There are many other factors that you need to know about a diamond. The internet information is rudimentary and often very misleading. There are many differentiating factors between buying a hand-selected diamond by our diamond grader than buying from a store or an internet diamond that you know very little about.


Vangeli are diamond experts with many years of experience. If you have never studied diamonds and the only information you have is basic from the internet, then a trip to Vangeli will be worth your while.

There is always a high risk buying diamonds you can not view in person or without store lights. Colour, clarity and size can be the same but cloudiness will not be seen. It is important to note that cloudiness in a diamond is not visible on a screen or under store lights.

At Vangeli, all your questions about diamonds will be answered. We will give you peace of mind and enough information for you to make an informed decision on your purchase. Variations on prices will be discussed and a trained diamond expert will be there to help you.

Let our experts help you choses a your diamonds so you can rest assured that it is a quality diamond that will sparkle for a lifetime and beyond.


A Guide to Buying Diamonds

Diamonds are found in all colours. Mostly they are yellowish to white or brownish. More rarely they have strong colours (green, red, blue, violet, brown, yellow) which are grouped together as "fancy colours" and in quality gems, fetch collectors prices. Commercial Diamonds are graded by cut, colour clarity and carat weight known as the Four "C"'s.


Diamond Cut Angle

The cut of a diamond determines the brilliance. Diamonds that are not cut in proper proportions will lack sparkle. It is a painstaking procedure to cut a diamond and requires great skill - for example, the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond is cut into 58 facets and each must be perfectly aligned.



Most diamonds appear to have no colour, however the majority do contain slight traces of brown or yellow. The higher the colour, the greater the value - for example, going from one grade to a higher grade can increase your diamond by thousands of dollars. Coloured diamonds also occur by rare accidents of nature.

D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S to Z
Exceptional White Rare White White Slightly Tinted White Tinted White Tinted Colour


Is the number of inclusions presented in a single diamond. (internal or external marks or blemished) The fewer the inclusions the clearer and more valuable the diamond. All diamonds even though some are labelled flawless have minute inclusions created by nature.


FL - Flawless

No internal or external flaws

IF - Internally Flawless

No internal flaws, slight external blemishes

VVS1, VVS2 - Very very slight inclusions

Very difficult for a professional to see under 10X Magnification

VS1, VS2 - Very slight inclusions

Difficult to see under 10X Magnification

SI1, SI2 - small inclusions

P1, P2, P3 - inclusions visible to the naked eye

Carat Weight

The size of the diamond is meaningless unless cut, clarity and colour are taken into consideration - for example, you can have a large stone of little value if it lacks brilliance and clarity. Although it is true that large stones are more rare than smaller ones, value is determined by quality. At Vangeli, our skilled staff can help you choose the right diamond to suit your personal style, taste and budget.

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