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All diamonds are not the same and a visit to our workshop will teach you the difference, so you will understand why some diamonds can be the same size but cost more than others. Your diamond selection is guided by our master jeweller and diamond graders, according to Colour, Clarity and Cut, making sure you our valued customer receive only the best quality and value. At Vangeli we like our customers to be well informed before purchasing their Diamond.

Vangeli also supply Cognac and Champagne diamonds from Argyle mines in Western Australia.

A Guide To Buying Diamonds

Diamonds are found in all colours. Mostly they are yellowish to white or brownish. More rarely they have strong colours (green, red, blue, violet, brown, yellow) which are grouped together as "fancy colours" and in quality gems, fetch collectors prices. Commercial Diamonds are graded by cut, colour clarity and carat weight known as the Four "C"'s.

C u t :

The cut of a diamond determines the brilliance. Diamonds that are not cut in proper proportions will lack sparkle. It is a painstaking procedure to cut a diamond and requires great skill - for example, the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond is cut into 58 facets and each must be perfectly aligned.

C o l o u r :

Most diamonds appear to have no colour, however the majority do contain slight traces of brown or yellow. The higher the colour, the greater the value - for example, going from one grade to a higher grade can increase your diamond by thousands of dollars. Coloured diamonds also occur by rare accidents of nature.

D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S to Z
Exceptional White Rare White White Slightly Tinted White Tinted White Tinted Colour

C l a r i t y :

Is the number of inclusions presented in a single diamond. (internal or external marks or blemished) The fewer the inclusions the clearer and more valuable the diamond. All diamonds even though some are labelled flawless have minute inclusions created by nature.

FL - Flawless

No internal or external flaws

IF - Internally Flawless

No internal flaws, slight external blemishes

VVS1, VVS2 - Very very slight inclusions

Very difficult for a professional to see under 10X Magnification

VS1, VS2 - Very slight inclusions

Difficult to see under 10X Magnification

SI1, SI2 - small inclusions

P1, P2, P3 - inclusions visible to the naked eye

C a r a t W e i g h t :

The size of the diamond is meaningless unless cut, clarity and colour are taken into consideration - for example, you can have a large stone of little value if it lacks brilliance and clarity. Although it is true that large stones are more rare than smaller ones, value is determined by quality. At Vangeli, our skilled staff can help you choose the right diamond to suit your personal style, taste and budget.

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